Sometimes, we are the crowds

In my last post, reflecting on the feeding of the five thousand in John chapter 6, I had us looking at the event from the view of the disciples and of the little boy. But what of the multitude?

I do not always feel like a disciple. Sometimes, I feel more a part of the vast multitude of lost sheep. The people in the crowd that saw Jesus heal a friend or loved one, and want to see this Jesus for themselves? I’m one of them.

As I’m stumbling towards the hillside in the distance, I think to myself “Man, I think I saw Jesus go this way…. But I can’t see him now!” Maybe I’m dragging my spouse and my children along with me, in a desperate attempt to find where Jesus ran off to. My little kids are whining “I’m hungry!”, my husband tries to be the voice of reason “Honey, I don’t think we’re going to find Him out here. We are tired, the kids need to eat… I think it’s time we headed home.”

I hear them, but I’m not listening. ” I just know that Jesus wouldn’t lead us all the way out here for nothing. Jesus isn’t like that! At least, I don’t think He’s like that…”

And so we press on with the crowds, in search of this miracle worker. Completely unaware that Jesus is working on another miracle, one we get to be a part of. 

“Moooooom…. I’m HUNGRY!” my sons implore. “Honey, we’re not going to find Him….” my husband advises.

“No!” I reply. “He led us out here for a reason.  I know we can find Him.”

How beautiful it is to trek into the wilderness, tired and hungry, and suddenly stumble upon Jesus waiting there for you with enough bread and fish to feed five thousand. 

“Huh. How did He know we were hungry?”