The story of the Cross

I don’t care what your pastor may preach to you on Sundays. God wants all of you.

 There is nothing about you that He can’t embrace. There is no experience so raw, so intimately human,  that He can’t be present with you in it. All that He requires is your invitation. 

God is a gentleman. He will never intrude upon the places of your heart that you are intent on hiding from Him. He will always wait until you are ready for the Light to shine into your darkness. And most times, our hidden darkness needs to make us increasing uncomfortable before we ask for His enlightenment. That’s ok. God gets us. He came down to live amongst us as a human. He knows our struggles from personal experience. And lest you forget this Lent, God came into the world as a human being to prove to all of us human beings that, we are still of worth to Him– as human beings.

You are of worth. 

I don’t think there could be a more humiliating and painful end to one’s life than crucifixion. The only One who was sinless was sacrificed in upholding the self- righteousness of the religious leaders in Jesus’ day. They wanted to have the final word on God, so, they killed His Son when this Son shined His light upon their sin. 

Sin is refusing to let God be God. We do it all the time in our lives. We substitute the Bible for God. We value wealth over  God. We pursue power and control instead of God. We worship our own personal, momentary comfort over God. We hold to religious tenets instead of allowing ourselves to know the Person of God. 

And God is ok with all of this. Because Love always trusts. It believes and hopes in all things, even in the turning of all of humanity to this God that is Love. He gives us every chance, every opportunity. Because that’s who God is. God is Love.

So stop fretting over your human messiness. God expects us to be human, as that is what He created us to be. He delights in who you are. If you dare to give up playing His role for Him, He can show you firsthand.