On why I’m still a Christian

A very dear friend I met while at Seminary reached out to me this week. This friend was one that was present with our family, and supportive of us as we made the decision to leave. Then life took us both in different directions.

 It was so good to hear from them again:)

They said they were happy to hear that I didn’t lose my faith through all that transpired. 

But, I did lose my faith. 

I lost my faith in people. My faith in the Church. Not my faith in God though. God never failed me– even though others gathered together in the name of His Son did…. They were not God.

When everything felt like it was crumbling around me, God was there. I knew it like a mother knows her newborn child when meeting it for the first time– you do not need to see with human eyes to ‘know’ someone. That’s what it’s like with God. At least, it is for me.

I don’t need a church, or even a religion to find God anymore. God transcends all the places and things that human beings tend to hide behind. And, anyway,  I’m not hiding from God. Quite the opposite, I’m in hot pursuit of God. Nothing else matters to me apart from Him. I couldn’t say that before Seminary. But I can now.

So, I’m a Christian because of God. Not because of my faith formation, or a particular church, and certainly not because of any other Christians I’ve met. I found God through Christ in my own reading of the Gospels. Nothing any mortal says or does can change the Love of God for me, and my love (much less perfect, of course) for God through Christ.

That’s a beautiful thing. That, my friends, is the one thing.  My prayer is that everyone finds God and can  ‘know’ God in that way.Because, nothing else matters apart from it. Find Him, and you will see:)


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