The Future

I’ve been meditating a lot on my future. Er, rather, my family’s future. 

I feel root bound. I’ve grown out of this container, and I’m starting to feel suffocated…

My Woodsman and I have been talking about big changes. The chasing-your-dreams kind. I even applied for a few jobs, well suited to my particular skill set, in a place 3500 miles from where we live now. Is this God’s will for me? For us? I have no idea…

Discerning God’s will for the individual is a tricky undertaking. There is no Bible verse that states “You should go this way”. That has to be felt our, prayed upon and pursued in small steps. With careful consideration of the response from “the Universe” so to speak. 

I hate this part. The waiting part between dreaming and transitioning into the life you dream of. 

I can tell you this much– I’ve been in a veritable holding pattern the past several months. And now I (finally) feel ready to risk again. If this next dream turns out like Seminary did– so be it. I’ve mined a lifetime of wisdom from that experience, and even knowing the outcome like I do now, I’d do it all over again.

We only live here once. To let fear and uncertainty set our path for us? That’s short-sighted. We all die eventually…. But not everyone lives.

If you think of the Ungodly woman when praying this week– feel free to give a shout out for me. He knows exactly who you would be referring to. I’ve been hanging on God’s ear for weeks… And I think I’m boring Him with my broken record prayers;)


One thought on “The Future

  1. Ahhh, I’ve been in your shoes; sitting and waiting…and waiting upon the Lord to direct my steps. It’s exhausting and challenging! Challenging because when we don’t hear clearly from the Lord which direction we should go, we proceed timidly, hoping it is actually God’s good plan for us. About six years ago I took a leap, hoping it was the best choice. I didn’t know until two years after that leap that it really was the best choice. God did not give me a clear sign on the front end, but He did on the other end. Sometimes we risk and in that risk, we either fall or fly. In both cases, the Lord is with us each step of the way.
    Praying over your wrestless heart and that the Lord will reveal His plan for you—soon!

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