God’s Boisterous Sense of Humor

I’ve been taking myself far too seriously as of late. I’m sure it’s part of the process of, well, processing this life’s ups and downs. But I used to laugh. A LOT. And I’ve kind of lost that lately. 

Anyway, as I’m diligently discerning our next steps as a family, I soberly come to my own realization that the doors I’ve been knocking on remain closed. Maybe God still has plans for us in hell, I mean, Iowa. If that’s the case, I need to let go of my own plans and desires. And that’s the new plan that I’ve decided upon. 

 (no offense fellow Iowans… I’m just a square peg in a round hole here.)

So today, I approach my dear Woodsman with my thoughts. He vehemently disagrees with my assessment, and we shelve the whole conversation for when the kids are asleep. (Which means, it was a heated disagreement… And now I’m no longer looking forward to bedtime)

Not 30 minutes after “shelving it”, my phone rings. 

Yup. I’m interviewing on Monday. 

I catch my Woodsman on his cell just as he’s arriving at work to tell him the news… Hilarious laughter is his response, and the joke’s most definitely on me.

The future is still, most definitely, undecided…. However, this door has swung wide open. Only after I decided upon being content with it remaining closed.

Well played, God. Well played.


One thought on “God’s Boisterous Sense of Humor

  1. LOL!!! Best of luck on your interview! All of this is in God’s hands; always has been. He knows the desires of your heart though and I believe that He, like a good Father, He wants to bring you more joy. His perspective of joy and journey towards that joy is often not the same as ours…Sigh! Life is so hard sometimes!

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