Gracious Uncertainty

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“If our certainty is only in our beliefs, we develop a sense of self-righteousness, become overly critical, and are limited by the view that our beliefs are complete and settled. But when we have the right relationship with God, life is full of spontaneous, joyful uncertainty and expectancy. Jesus said, “…believe also in Me” (John 14:1), not, “Believe certain things about Me”. Leave everything to Him and it will be gloriously and graciously uncertain how He will come in– but you can be certain that He will come. “

I haven’t had the heart to write much this week.  

I feel deeply ashamed of others calling themselves Christian while they use the Internet to cut people down and insert them into neat and tidy categories of ‘sinner’ and ‘not-as-bad-of-a-sinner’. The first category somehow shouldn’t be allowed the same legal rights as the second. And, I don’t get it. 

While you are busy discriminating against which identities are deserving of disdain and which ones merit respect, make sure you are putting me into the same category as those who are Trans or Gay. Because I don’t see the people in my life that fit into those categories as being more sinful or less of a human being than I am. Certainly, I must be as depraved as they are, right?
When you fight against laws protecting human dignity, it is the same as fighting against the protection of human dignity. 
Right now I am certain of very little aside from: God IS, God is Love,  I want to grow closer to that Love, and that I see very little evidence of that love among an embarrassingly large group of self-professed American Christians.

I don’t want to be known as Christian anymore if Christians are known only for their self-righteousness…

Our God is Love. Maybe, we should work on being known for that? Just sayin’…


2 thoughts on “Gracious Uncertainty

  1. I could find myself commenting on your blogs all day! Totally with you on this..and I have been thinking of the “Truth in love” phrase that christians will throw out there- as a defense of them condemning certain people groups..I have been asking myself the same question that Pilot did- “what is truth?” And well, the Spirit of Truth seems to be reminding me- we all fall short…all. And the only way to perfection is to die to any notion that we ourselves could earn what Jesus freely gave us- His perfect life. That’s our message of truth to the world- it’s the message of reconciliation to the God who IS love through Jesus. Truth is not us saying “what is sin and what not is sin”- Romans 14:23 “..For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” Our faith should spring forth love for all and nothing less. We all know what love looks like to us- and it’s certainly not some one shaking a finger at us saying how terrible we are…or that we are asking too much…or we need to just “get over it”…that’s ridiculous.

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    1. I don’t think we can ever separate the truth from love– Christ is the Truth (John 14:6), and God is Love (1 John 4:8). It is silly to think we have to set out to tell the Truth ‘with love’, when they are One.
      You are right– it’s an excuse to feed our Egos’ striving for self-righteousness. The moment we compare our sins to the sins of others, we have stepped away from Truth and from Love that shows no partiality.


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