Beyond Criticism

Something is stirring in my soul. 

In that secret place, where God is so near… 

This is about more than Church hurt. 

There is something more in all that I have seen and experienced. 

And as I’ve walked that perilous path through the Valley, even when I felt alone, I can see I was far from alone. 

I have not carried my pain alone. It has remained with me far longer than I would like– but that pain that has burdened me so? It’s changing.

What has burdened me is starting to kindle into a burning flame. 

I have boldly girded my loins, shaken my fists at the Church, Christianity, even God. Because somehow I know that what is, is not what He would have.

I know what He would like it to be.

When God made me, He made a visionary. Someone that could see with His eyes. 

That vision can put me at odds with other people, and myself. It was given me in the raw, and I am far from perfecting its use. 

But I am very near the One that is intent on perfecting its use.

I’m looking for that door– the one swinging open into new ways of owning my place in the Body of Christ. 

I’m hoping and praying for another miracle. Yet, I somehow know one is already in the making.