Why I’m a Critical Christian

I go all Momma Bear when it comes to issues with Christianity. I’m quick to anger when it’s been my children that have been hurt the most by people in church.

I want so badly for my children  to find support in developing the kind of relationship that  I have with God. To find a personal knowledge and experience of God that goes beyond catechism and learning about a Sunday school Jesus. 

They should have a faith community that does just that. But, there is none that I can find.

What’s the value of church if it fails to love and honor the least of these among us?

I’m a big girl. I don’t need a church for me, and I haven’t needed one for quite some time. But it brings deep sorrow to my heart that my children do not have the kind of faith community they deserve. 

I know that God will provide what my children  need spiritually–even without a church worthy of our involvement. All along the way, God has used me to reach my childrens’ hearts in ways that are miraculous to me. He knows what they need, and helps me to meet those needs.

But, is that enough? 

What about the Body of Christ? How do I integrate that aspect of Christianity into their faith formation when their experience of  Christians outside of our nuclear family has been so harmful to their developing self-concepts?

I would be a terrible parent to allow a church to hurt them again. Am I a terrible parent to raise them as Christians outside of church?


11 thoughts on “Why I’m a Critical Christian

  1. I feel this too. I struggle to even do things like awana. I am not keen on Christian homeschool co-ops either. I just feel so abnormal all the time! It takes so much energy to be me lol. And yet I still feel like I should be in church because…list a bunch of man made reasons here. Maybe there is a place somewhere for all of us but it feels so darn daunting to try.

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    1. Yes– very daunting. I think there needs to be something new. Something not like traditional church, but something serving the needs of the atypical members of the Body of Christ. There are certainly enough of us de-churched Christians out there!

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      1. For sure. And that should tell us all something! Seems like people in the church just blame it all on sin or being hurt…victim blaming. That’s easier than looking at the faults, which are huge ones, of the church.

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      2. God has to have something else in mind… I don’t think the traditional church was what He intended anyway. The hierarchies go against the interpersonal dynamics set forth by Christ. If God decides to put things in motion, I hope I get to be a part of it;)

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  2. Hi, I’ve just started reading your blog, and it seems that these questions on the trueness of Christianity is common among us. Not saying that the truth isn’t through Christ Jesus, just that Christendom has destroyed the meaning of what it means to be Christian. I grew up a Catholic and had my own spiritual journey and know and believe I have found the Truth, and it isn’t the Catholic Church. In fact, the Catholic Church has told many lies of our heavenly Father and his Son Christ Jesus. If you feel up to it, take a look at my blog and read from the first post and see my story and my journey and the questions I had along the way that are probably similar to yours and the answers I have found. For instance; Hell. Does it really exist? What does the Bible teach? Please take a look, and you might find some comfort knowing that there is really a truth out there, and it’s quite simple.

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  3. Nope! My wife and I left off church going almost a decade ago. The reason… the Bible says very clearly that we are the temple of God. So something isn’t right with the whole brick and mortar concept. It’s really nice to find The Most High living right inside your own soul.

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    1. Amen!
      Luke 17:21b “For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among [or, within] you.”
      I do think we are called to gather with others in Christ… But that can take on a multitude of different faces. It’s certainly not restricted to a once a week gathering to be preached to!

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      1. I think we can gather with others in Christ almost anywhere. Since Christ means Anointed/Anointing it is a more of a spiritual gathering than a physical assembly anyway, and this too is the context of that verse (Hebrew 10:25).
        I don’t even get the preached to part. That was never on the order of service in the Acts church. That is because people met in their own homes and shared their experiences with friends or whomever they invited. It was prophetic. Miracles broke out. Anointing was transferred and people were healed. Funny. No preaching. Wonder where we got that? Don’t peek over at the Romans. 😉

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