I am safe

You are safe. You are protected. You are cherished and you are loved.”

Those are the things my Woodsman whispers to me as he gently wraps me in his tattooed arms. 
When I’m overcome with an emotional flashback, I feel just like I did when I was a terrified little girl. 

Those are the things I wish someone had said to me back then. But even now, those words spoken with patient sincerity are able to calm the storm. 

I need to feel safe in order to remain vulnerable. Love requires that I stay within reach of my vulnerability. If only that were not so! If I could just be allowed to keep a heart made of stone, I’d never need others to assure me of my safety. 

If I could follow my God in Christ as a Warrior. If instead of Loving others, I could just focus on building walls and defending them– my life would be so much easier. There would be far fewer storms…

But that is not the way God in Christ lived as a human being.

My heart is so tender, so large and so emotive– I want to keep it safe, keep it protected and ensconced in anger. 

Love cannot reach others in anger.

And so, I stretch my arms over my Woodsman’s brawny shoulders and, on tip-toe, reach up to meet his gaze.

If this is Love, then I’m ok with tearing down the walls. I’m safer wrapped in the arms of one that loves me than Id ever be alone behind stone walls.


8 thoughts on “I am safe

  1. I relate a lot to this post. It makes me think of the Beyonce song, Halo. “Remember those walls I built, baby they are tumbling down. They didn’t even put up a fight. They didn’t even make a sound.” I give permission for my heart to fully feel, which is risky thing to do as I’m a sensitive soul born with a fragile heart…but it’s the only way to live in my view. You’re very brave 💜💪💜

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  2. This is beautiful and I can completely relate. What a beautiful love story! God’s love translated through the one you share your life with is remarkable. Thank you for this! I’d like to publish this on both of my blogs if that’s ok?!

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