Quote Challenge — Day 3

Three quotes from German Liberation Theologian, Dorothee Soelle, will finish off the quote challenge for me. 

I just discovered Soelle this past year, with her book The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance. She is thoroughly academic in her approach. If you enjoy more scholarly reads, this one might be for you:)


9 thoughts on “Quote Challenge — Day 3

  1. I disagree with the 2nd quote. There are times people let me down so much and I was alone–no one was embracing me. It was not people that comforted me but Christ alone. I understand that we are Gods hands and feet but God is not limited by those things. Sometimes it’s in the isolation and betrayal that we truly meet God and he comforts us in ways that people never could.


    1. I agree with you Elle. And that has been my experience of God as well. But I think Soelle is trying to address the general apathy within Christianity towards those that are suffering. Especially in the denomination I just came out of– their solution for everything was ‘let’s pray about it’. I think it’s an affront to God to shirk our active role in the world as the Body of Christ. Loving our neighbor wasn’t something Jesus suggested, it was a command. And when asked to expound on ‘who is my neighbor’, he responded with the parable of the Good Samaritan.
      We ARE His physical hands and feet. But Soelle’s perspective on God’s power is one of persuasive rather than coercive power. When the body of Christ is too hard-hearted to heed His call to action, He does take things into His own hands.

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      1. I agree 😊. The church is too busy prettying up their churches. Step outdoors and be “the church”. My best friend told me tonight 3 of her friends are dealing with hard things–one lost her son to an overdose; one lost her husband; the other had a 9 year old with leukemia. We are called to action in these situation, however hard it is to sit with people in the pain.

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  2. Hello ungodly one 🙂 Body electric here. I’ve nominated you for the leibster award if you check out my page. No obligation to participate of course, just wanted to show my support as I like your vibe B.E :)https://bodyelectricweb.wordpress.com/2016/06/05/leibster-re-nomination/

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  3. I really like these quotes, especially the second one. Are we not the hands and feet of Christ? And with our blogs, isn’t it His hand guiding ours as we write? So powerful! Thank you for sharing!

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