The First Execution In America For Religion

You think the battle for Freedom of Religion, and the struggle for separation of Church and State, was fought by the Colonists against powers abroad?

Think again!

On October 27th, 1659, the first two individuals executed for their religious beliefs were Quakers.  And they were executed by self-pronounced Christians. 

This is not the narrative I read about in Colonial American History. But it sure makes a whole heck of a lot of sense to me. 

There is a Pharisaical distortion of Christianity that has always had a foothold here in the U. S. It tells tales of its own supposed persecution out of one side of its mouth, and then attacks any that would dare to disagree with its authenticity. 

The last words of William Robinson — one of the first two American martyrs:

“We are not evil doers, but witnesses to the truth and to the inner light of Christ!”
–as recounted in Conceived In Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard

To read the excerpt from Rothbard’s text, GO HERE.

Add to the list of things Jesus never said: “Heretics! Have them hang!”