Being Me

I have had so much Divine insight lately, I’m not sure what to do with it all, lol!

I pray. I pray often. I pray hard.

And God is always faithful. Even if, it seems to me, that it takes Him long enough…

I am coming to terms with being something other than “your average Christian”.

I have been trying to engage the Divine from young on. It’s been my only comfort in this life. My only source of Truth.

If I had been born, say, in the Middle Ages…. There would be nothing special or unique about my search for Divine Truth.

But I live in an age that has little use for Divine Truth, apart from how Truth makes us feel…

So, it’s hard to be me. Here and now. I live in an age so obsessed with image, it would make even  Narcissus blush. 

But it doesn’t stop me.

I am so privileged.

I have all the written works of the Ancients at my finger tips.

What woman before me had such access?!

What woman has had the privilege of raising her offspring, as she sees fit, while simultaneously pursuing Wisdom?

I know I am blessed. 

And, yet, I feel like a veritable outsider.

There is no lonelier road than the narrow path.



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