Hello lovely readers!

I have made the decision to embrace being cloistered in my little momastery this summer.

I am going social media, phone/text, email free for the next several weeks.

I’m going to continue with my writing, just offline for the time being.

My prayer is that I come back with my soul refreshed and with new wisdom to share here.

Much love,



3 thoughts on “Unplugging

    1. And may God’s peace also be with you!
      After three weeks of fervent reflection, I feel my tech ‘fast’ is coming to an end. Forgoing it entirely has helped me immensely. I had lost sight of the importance of being intentional with all of my words. So often I neglect to put my heart and soul into what I say and do, and then I find myself losing sight of the sacredness of relating with others online (and IRL) as well as missing out on the creative joy of contemplative writing. God would will us all, I believe, to partner our authentic being with doing. But it is far from an easy task!

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