Homeschool 2.1

Today marks Day Two of the latest incarnation of our homeschooling endeavor.

I’m proud to announce that I survived!!!

Although I am not new to homeschooling, this school year I am trying a brand new approach: my own.

The desire of my heart is to integrate all that I have learned on the spiritual path, along with the skills I’ve collected over a decade of working with at-risk youth, and my own homeschooling experience as a student, into an all-encompassing philosophy of home education. Then, using the principles of this philosophy, set out to create and implement organic organizational strategies that facilitate our own natural rhythms as a family of lifelong learners. 

As a family, we are currently working out a way to organize our days in a way that serves a collective need for flexibility. I tossed the daily/weekly planners two years ago. There is no way I’m ever going back to traditional time management strategies! It feels too limiting to me. I like to get lost in learning, and take full advantage of those creative flow states. (Of course, my kiddos do as well) So, we devised a way to organize our day according to task, rather than time period. We currently have five task categories that are rotating in loop fashion throughout the day. They are organized in a way that affords natural transitions from one activity to the next, the kiddos have a ‘schedule’ (that they helped create) with which to structure their days, and if the 3 yo interrupts our lessons with a mid-day tantrum (as he’s wont to do), I can interrupt the lesson without throwing our ‘schedule’ into chaos. Much to their chagrin, one task category is “chores”. That’s a funny story, actually…

At our last family meeting (we have them bi-weekly),  my daughter (8 yo), brought housework up for discussion. She wanted us all to work in keeping the house clean and straightened throughout the day, instead of just completing AM and PM chores. (::eye roll::How did a messy like me get a clean freak for a child?) So, instead of burdening ourselves with devoting even more of our day to cleaning, my Woodsman and I decided to commit to delegating even more of the housework to the kiddos throughout the day. Problem solved! It’s an important life lesson to learn– don’t bring up a problem unless you are ready to be part of its solution.

Well, it’s getting close to dinner time, and my kiddos are hunting me down to lead the next activity… 

But only because the next task in rotation isn’t chore related;)




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  1. I’ve been doing a little bit of the project based learning. So instead of having individual subjects to work on, the kids are doing their own projects. My oldest wants to write a book so I told her she’s responsible for research, typing out a plan, learning about self publishing vs getting an agent and anything else she is gonna have to learn. We have weekly check ins and I ask questions to help her, but I don’t push my ideas on her. We also do a co-op so she’s still doing art, drama, sign language, history, and bible once a week plus assignments throughout the week. She’s in 11th grade so she can do most of that independently. My other daughter wants to research animation. And not sure about my 10 year old yet. We haven’t officially started back. But I like the idea of them working on their own stuff for a few hours each day.

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