My name

Yup. I’ve decided that, while I will still blog at TheUngodlyWoman, I’m no longer comfortable with blogging as TheUngodlyWoman. That is why you may notice a change in how I am represented on WordPress. Now, by my real name.

My first name holds special meaning. It has defined the course of my life here. My first name means: Follower of Christ. 

It seems fitting then, that I should be called by my name, as it reflects exactly who I am!

A small profile change, perhaps, but it comes from a huge change in my own perception of myself. 

In Him,



9 thoughts on “My name

    1. I have had periods in my life where I despised my first name. I even went by my middle name for a time. Kristen is a perfectly good name. I don’t think my struggle has ever been with the name itself, but with what it meant to bear that name, lol!


      1. Well, His burden is light… But the human struggle to ‘trade-up’ –our burden of self for the one that belongs to Him–is where all of the difficulty we would encounter lies. I have mistook my struggle with self as being His burden before… And I think many adult-children of fundamentalist Christians have tended towards this same error. We aren’t called to carry our own burden of self, in fact, we cannot accept Christ’s burden until we are free of it. But what human beings prize, is an abomination to the Lord


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