God’s Will

I think it’s funny that Christians are always telling each other how to live their lives. ‘It is God’s will that — insert something that is most likely their will—‘ 

Sure, I’ve been guilty of it too… But I try to avoid making spiritual universals out of my own personal particulars. 

Especially when it comes to knowing the will of God. 

This question haunts me at times. When God appears to be silent, and logic takes me to a fork in the road, while my heart would be fine going in any direction, which way do I go?

I’ll give you some context for my ramblings on God’s will: My Woodsman found out he was not chosen for a different position in the institution he currently works for. He was well qualified for it, and did everything right in applying and interviewing. He had a 1 in 7 chance of being chosen. But they chose someone else. Maybe God The Destroyer has returned? We prayed for God’s will, and circumstances tell us His answer is No. 

We’ve been putting off making any changes in our “5 year plan” until after we received news on this position. Now that we know, I can’t stall any longer. Nothing ties us to this place except for my husband’s employment. And he’s not too keen on staying where he is, doing what he’s been doing the past three years…

So, what is God’s will for us now? Do we keep the status quo? The one that none of us are satisfied with? Or do we take a huge risk and set off in search of greener pastures?

If it was just my Woodsman and I, the choice would be easy. We’d be gone tomorrow! But it’s not that simple when we need to keep things like health insurance and suitable housing in mind. Four little kiddos complicate matters. 

I’m tired of praying for guidance. I’m tired of praying for it when I’m not getting any real kind of response. 

I want to do God’s will, but what do you do when you have no idea what that is?

Maybe He’s giving us the freedom to choose as we will. Well, that sucks. How can I possibly predict the actual outcome of the choices I’m considering? 

Sheesh, God. You are the One with Infinite knowledge! Can you help a girl out? 

I never really cared that much about God’s will until we moved here. Maybe I care more now because I trust myself less. Maybe my human mind cannot fathom the need for total spiritual dependence and simultaneous license to guide my own life as I see fit. 

I just want to know the right answer! Is that too much to ask?

What if there is no right answer? What if both choices are equally adequate? What if they’re not?! What if I choose the wrong one?!?

I’m going to sleep on it. That’s always a good choice;)

And if God’s will is made clear to me and/or my Woodsman, we will act accordingly. 

If not? Then….

….eany, meany, miney, mo!

Seriously, does any one of you know how to cast lots? It’s Biblical!


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    1. Definitely! It’s really confusing for me at the moment– I feel His presence so strongly, but He isn’t revealing a darn thing, lol! Oh well. If nothing else, I know I won’t be making the next decisions alone;)

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  1. You might be joking about lots, but I actually find that there are some situations where introducing a random element allows God to do what He wants without our thoughts getting in His way. Not always, there are absolutely times when there is a right path, but there are some decisions, possibly the one you now face, in which God’s will is going to be accomplished regardless of the path you choose. But even in those choices, God speaks to us.

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    1. God and I have been here, a number of times before. And, something always broke open at just the right time…
      I just think my faith is exhausted. I think it deserves a rest! God must think otherwise… Not much I can do about that;)

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  2. Loved, loved, loved this post! Oh how many times have I been here? I have even written songs about it, one called Crossroads. I had contemplated doing a post on this too, and you have confirmed it. Since I have been on my journey a little while, I rely on scripture and trust God. He knows that I want to please him. He wants me to trust him. Live dependent on him. Thank for the inspiration! Great post!

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    1. Thank you!
      You know, I rely on scripture and trust God too…. Do you know of a passage where it says “The Lord God sayeth: Kristen shall pick up and move to Alaska?” Because, that would be super helpful right now! 😉


      1. You are so cute. Although I will include this in my post, I used to beg the Lord to help me in making a decision. I used to confess to him that I was one of his dumb sheep, but I now rely on Psalm 37:23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord:…” I believe that now with my whole heart, even when I go a path that I may regret later, I still see it as all apart of his plan either to stretch me, teach me, mold me or shape me to become more like him. Trust him. I know that you know Romans 8:28.


      2. Aw, your compliment made me blush;)

        I want to have that kind of unshakable confidence. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s that I lack confidence in God, or that I lack confidence in myself. Because, after every self-deprecating blogpost I write (I love being able to laugh at myself.), I sit back and think “this is great, but it’s written within the confines of a genre, is that what I want to do with my blog?” Because writing strictly from a human perspective doesn’t allow me to portray the real depth of my relationship with God. And when writing from that place of depth, I find myself needing to lighten things up. To balance things, if that makes sense?

        It’s why on my “About” page, you’ll read that my favorite quote is ‘simul justus et peccator’– we are, at the same time, both saint and sinner. It is at the heart of Martin Luther’s doctrine on justification. I find myself living with both doubt and certainty, love and apathy, vestiges of the old man and brilliant glimpses into the new.
        And, now that I’ve written a novella here in reply, I think I’ve figured out why I’m perturbed at not having God show me a clear direction– it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter where I end up. It only matters to me that I choose what would be acceptable to Him. And I fear without writing on the wall, I’ll make the wrong choice. Huh. This is awesome! The problem is I doubt myself in relation to Him. I do not doubt God at all.
        Thanks for sticking with my stream of consciousness here… You triggered a line of thought I needed to follow.

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      3. He is worthy of the praise, isn’t he? I take solace in knowing that he is Sovereign and in control of all things. Yes, we are sanctified and being sanctified, saved and being saved, the right now, and not yet. Isn’t God glorious?

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I can’t say that I disagree with you, it’s just that my own experience has often been different. Just goes to show you, no two journeys of faith are exactly alike. God likes to keep us coming back to Him, rather than giving us guidelines apart from Him;)

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  3. Finding God’s will is never easy.
    Two things that will help in seeking His will are,

    which decision are you most at peace about?
    God usually guides us with His peace

    His word
    I am amazed at how many times there has been a word I read that has addressed specific things in my life.

    I really believe God wants you to make the right decision. I think of men like David who always sought the Lord first in every decision they made.
    God is not into playing games (hide and seek) with our lives. So wait.
    If you need an answer He will give it to you beyond a doubt.
    Bless you…


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    1. Thank you, Rolain, for taking the time to encourage me and share your wisdom.
      You are spot on with the experience of peace. That’s part of my problem– I’m being held so firmly in His embrace, that I feel peace with whatever transpires. It is most definitely the human part of me that is struggling to integrate that nature of that peace into my earthly decision process, lol!

      God gave me His answer. I just don’t like it, bc I’m afraid. I’m afraid to trust myself that I do indeed hear Him whisper “not yet” and “soon”. Because, honestly, those responses do not adequately answer my request!

      I’m Sarah, and I’m laughing at what God breathes into my heart through reading His word. The passages He illuminates through His Holy Spirit are far too lofty a future for someone like me. My own self-doubt tries to convince me I must be mistaken. I’m not good enough, nor do I deserve to expect so much from my God.

      It’s an interesting journey, this journey of faith. The farther we walk it, the more personal it becomes. My own experience is beginning to mirror one that Martin Luther wrote about, from the perspective of God: “Bewilderment is the true comprehension. Not to know where you are going is the true knowledge. My comprehension transcends yours.”

      Blessings to you:)

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      1. You got it indeed…..! This walk we on of discovering God’s will has so many dimensions to it. But one thing is clear, God is pleased when we seek His will above all else…..

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  4. The more oneness in you life with Father results in less sensory experience we had as new believers. In other words, your steps are more divinely ordered than self realizes.

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    1. Powerful, powerful words. It speaks to the same progression we see in the faith and writings of the Apostle Paul– He goes from being blinded, dependent upon the kindness of those he was persecuting, his life completely interrupted to ” Those who are spiritual discern all things, and they are themselves subject to no one else’s scrutiny.” 1 Cor. 2:15. That’s quite a leap in his own perception of himself.


  5. You know that commercial about “There’s No Wrong Way to eat a Reese’s cup.” and all these folks try cutting out the center, or nibbling at the edges, or licking off the chocolate?! It doesn’t matter HOW (or where) you eat it, as long as you eat it and hopefully enjoy it….I figure if you go by faith, believing, it doesn’t matter really, where you go. god will use it for good. He directs the path, but you have to take the steps….

    In my experience, god tends not to use human speech very often. And in my case, it’s because I generally misinterpret what he has to say. I was asking the same basic question, “What should I do>?” in such anguish that god finally relented and did a voice insertion (which is very rare and totally gets my attention) “I don’t care what you do.” I freaked out. god doesn’t care? Holy heck!!!! It took a few days to calm down and realize he probably meant that he didn’t care which choice I made, that I was still his child and he was still in control of the outcome, my choice of going or staying, didn’t really change the overall picture. When I finally came to that understanding it was very freeing, but initially, it was so crazy making, that I don’t really blame god for not speaking up more often….Kim

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    1. Kim, as always, you speak Wisdom.
      You had me guffawing at the whole “I don’t care!” “What?! You don’t care?!?”
      It’s exactly the response I’ve had to His silence, lol!
      Thank God, that God isn’t a helicopter parent! We already know what kind of problems the kids of helicopter parents have…


  6. Sometimes God is very silent at the times when we feel he need to answer our prayer right then at that sec. I can honestly say that your faith is being tested by how long you are willing to wait with patience on God. Keep your faith.


    1. I’m not sure that God is testing my faith here…
      When someone has lived through adversity (
      https://theungodlywoman.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/why/) they either come out the other side with no faith at all, or a faith purified.

      I know that anything God says will happen. He’s not like us, where speech and action are separate. In Genesis 1, the world comes into existence through God’s words alone.
      Which is why His silence bothers me. I’m over here all “c’mon God! I want to see You make stuff happen!” And He’s all like ” ::crickets::”.
      That’s frustrating for me as a human being while I’m in a place I don’t want to be anymore. God’s silence means… Stay put. See through what I’ve already put before you. You know I’ve got things in the works– soon. But, not yet.

      I’m waaaay past praying for my own will to be done… I’ve already learned that life lesson;) But I hate that I’m not God, and I can’t see anything clearly without Him showing me Himself. It is my faith in God and who He is, combined with a complete mistrust in myself, that leads me into impatience.

      Thanks for commenting!

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      1. I agree. You said exactly what I was getting at “God’s silence means stay put.” I love that the lord brought you out of the mud and wiped you off so that everyone can see your beauty. But if he did it for me I should have known that he was doing it for others 😊😂. You are a blessing ❤ to the kingdom of God. Keep telling your testimonials and fighting this good fight. God bless, I will be praying for you.

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  7. Kristen I can relate completely to this post. I and my family are also waiting on the Lord. we too are in the process of moving just holding on for the right time. For us it’s a matter of when will the time be right??!! The deadlines we are facing are looming. School will be reopening soon. If we have to move it has to be soon for the sake of the kids. But God says “wait”, so we wait. It can be frustrating sometimes. But He who starts a work knows how and when to perfect His Will. Not being a very patient person by nature and think this is His way to teach me “long suffering”

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