Out of the Box

I bought a new-to-me Bible last week. It is the same version, and edition, as the one with the torn binding I’ve toted with me for 15 years. But this one is without highlight or notation. 

I get to start afresh!

I had my husband shave my head yesterday. I’ve been carrying the same brunette mop of hair around with me for nearly a decade. It was heavy, tired, and becoming a burden. So, now…

I get to start afresh!

This idea of God that I’ve held onto for years is also getting heavy and tired. I don’t care for the religious God. He has not served me well. God agrees. 

We get to start afresh!

Here’s to new beginnings. New insights. New hair!

Same me, but out of the box. Just like my God:)


17 thoughts on “Out of the Box

  1. New beginnings is hard. But they do keep life fresh. Which version of the Bible is your favorite? I have discovered The Voice translation. I like it because it tells you who is speaking.

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    1. It’s kinda funny how I discovered my favorite edition and version… It was a required by the local Rabbi for a course he taught my freshman year. I figured if it was his preferred English version, it must be pretty good;)

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  2. Love how you juxtapose trading the old (your hair) for the new (your new-to-you Bible)! Some days I am really tempted to shave it all off, but I can’t bring myself to doing it. Guess that’s why we have husbands, right? 🙂

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  3. Oh my gosh! You shaved your head? You are so brave. I am trying to grow out dye and go natural so my hair is sprouting grays and I’m gonna tell ya, the thought has crossed my mind to shave this crap right off. But my husband still has ill feelings towards shaved heads because his mom had breast cancer and that’s what it reminds him of. But I might do a pixie cut. I’m sick of the brassy red tones in my hair. My natural brown is pretty but the grays, dye, and natural look so stupid together! Good for you for fresh starts!

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    1. Yeah, mad props to my hubby… He didn’t even question my decision, and HE did the honors! I was worried about the whole cancer thing, as my hubby lost both of his parents to cancer 15 years ago… But, he says I look gorgeous. And, I still have my very dark eyebrows, lol! Definitely cannot mistake me for someone going through chemo.

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  4. Are you just reading the Old Testament? While it was written mainly in Hebrew, the New Testament was written in Greek.


  5. The NRSV is my favorite, too!
    I will quote what one of my high school teachers (he was awesome) wrote to me in a recommendation letter at one point.
    “I would say that Lily works outside the box, but I can’t, because for Lily, the box simply doesn’t exist.”
    That’s you. You do not fit into a box. God does not fit into a box. Great things are happening, which do not fit into a box. Because the box doesn’t even exist!!! (isn’t that a great way to describe Jesus, too?? Not putting us on the same level with Jesus… but I think you see what I’m saying…?)

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