Sometimes, God moves faster than we expect Him to.

Ok, most times, in my own experience, God is all about our cultivation of patience. But, when it comes to situations affecting something larger than ourselves, we can never be too sure of how and when He will answer our prayers. 

I’m no longer separated from my beloved Woodsman. It happened quickly. Even, unexpectedly? The last 4-5 years, I’ve committed myself to living a life led by the Spirit. And so, when the Spirit led me back to my husband, how could I not return?

I knew in my heart that reconciliation would, ultimately, be the result of this period of separation. My Woodsman and I are both persons heavily steeped in the Christian Faith. And, not just intellectually so… Our hearts are no longer our own. They have not belonged to ourselves for quite some time now.

I have known in my heart from the very beginning of our life together, that God Himself brought us together. 

Now, for inquiring minds… There was no Biblical support here for a Divorce. Neither of us have had eyes for another since we first met. That’s the truth. As hard as that might be to believe in our time and place. Neither one of us transgressed the sanctity of our marriage. Neither of us have ever been tempted to do so. Are you surprised? I’m not:)

The reason for our separation had everything to do with taking each other for granted. It had to do with a misplacement of priorities– not of our affections.

It’s good to be back. I can say that truly and honestly.

Several others have likened us two to a spiritual “power couple”, a contemporary incarnation of Katie and Martin Luther.

I do not doubt that. Together we have overcome so much more than we could apart.

The dynamic has changed. It has returned to its former state– the way it once was. Before the troubles of life buried us in grief. 

Sure, we will still encounter difficulties. But this much is certain:

” So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 

Mark 10:8b-9(NRSV)


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