And… I’m over it

Finding mold in our master bedroom explains a lot… but, can anything explain why this happened to us? 

No. It cannot.

I’ve been stuck on the “why” for the past year… I’ve finally submitted to the fact that I don’t need to know the why.

That’s a huge step for me on my Christian path through life. To give up on the why… but it’s a long time coming. 

I don’t have time to figure out the why.

When everything in my life has, in turn, gone to pot… I no longer even care about the “why”.

I’m much more concerned about the “how” (and so can totally answer that one…)

Maybe, I’m in the midst of something like the trials of Job. So be it. This slew of unforeseen difficulties will not deter me. 

I know who I am. I’m confident in who I am– a child of God.

Let the world do its worst. It can no longer convince me otherwise. 

Let everyone persecute me, try to destroy me, even poison me by selling me this God-foresaken, health stealing house. It changes nothing.

In the good, and even more so in the bad, my faith in God stands unmovable.

I can’t even take credit for that! It’s just what is!

I thank God for testing our faith. Not many would be able to endure what we have. Because no one could endure what we have, faith intact, apart from the power of God in Christ.

God is good to me. Even when my life looks like a catastrophe! I still know that all things work together for our good. 

Beware, world. Because we have passed the test. We have been refined. There is no more fear to stop us now!