So, I’ve been suspecting for quite sometime now (actually, since 6 months after we moved into our home in Iowa) that our indoor air was making our whole family sick. We pulled out all of the carpeting, but still, constant respiratory and then GI complaints. I thought it was the water, so I installed a 5 stage R.O. Water filter. Still sick. Add to that my two miscarriages.

Dark splotches started appearing on the corners of the ceiling in our bedroom last winter…through wallpaper and two coats of paint. 

Then yesterday, we discovered actual mold growing up the wall!

I’m not even pissed at this point. I’m kind of relieved to have figured out the source of our illnesses (because we all feel fine whenever we spend time away from this house). We were planning to move anyway… and, thank God for that! 

Please keep us in your prayers. There is an even greater urgency here in finding a job and a new place to live. I guess long term exposure to some mycotoxins can cause permanent tissue damage….even cancer. Ugh!



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  1. I have that nagging feeling in our bedroom. Our entire house is hard wood except for our upstairs and whenever I am up there, I feel worse. I think we need to pull out the carpet and inspect the damage. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as a huge mold problem but I’d like to get rid of the carpet because it’s from 1993. I don’t want to think what’s trapped in that!

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