“Marriage on the Mend”

I’m a voracious reader. Like, I devour books. I’ve read about 50 or so books on love, relationships and marriage over the past decade (and, I’m likely underestimating here…). Nearly everyone of them missed the mark in someway…

However, on a whim, this week I picked up Marriage on the Mend by Clint and Penny Bragg. So far? I’m really liking their approach! It’s very concrete, and comes from their own hearts– not their clinical experience (gag me. I’m so sick of psychotherapeutic babble!). They aren’t therapists, they’re just two passionate Christians that divorced and then  remarried several years later. They tell their story like it is, and offer their insight from experience and faith. 

Now, what I like most about it so far is their insistence that rediscovering marital bliss is wholly dependent on both individual’s personal, intimate relationship with God. And, they get pretty specific on how to get the spark back there too. Why do I like this? Because I believe this! 

The humorous thing is, I don’t think I’d have stumbled across the same depth of relationship I now have with God if I hadn’t encountered roadblocks in my marriage several years back. Ok, that’s probably more tragic than it is funny… but, I can see (some of) what God’s been up to here. 

What else is God up to here?

I don’t know. Not yet. God seems pretty intent on continuing to test my endurance as of late. Part of me wants to egg Him on — ‘do Your worst, God! Come at me!’ And there is another part of me that cowers in abject fear of the full extent of this time of trial. I thought I had had enough, like, a year ago. But, nooooo… Let’s just pile on Kristen, shall we?


If I was going to lose my faith, I would have tossed it years ago… Just. Sayin’.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to introducing Marriage on the Mend to my Woodsman. We shall see if it passes the Man test (most books on marriage do NOT. He’s a very astute critic, and I rarely disagree with his observations… which gives us the potential to be a killer team…When we actually like each other).


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  1. My husband outright refuses to read marriage books. Sometimes it’s fine as most of them are crap. Sometimes it really bothers me. It’s like he’s stuck back in 1998 when we first married and I’m pushing forward without him. I’m vastly different than I was when we first married. He’s pretty much the same guy.

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    1. You know….Sometimes I wonder if my Woodsman is so critical of what I have him read precisely to get out of having to read it in its entirety… He’s much more wiley than I am…

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