Being “Home”

My family is staying the night in our home state… completely employment related.

After three years of living in Iowa… I had almost forgotten how Wisconsin is a state at home with alcoholism. 

It’s only 10:30pm here, on a Wednesday night,  yet everyone out and about is, clearly, stumbling around under the influence…

Is this “normal”? To be intoxicated on a nightly basis?

I used to think so. It’s all I knew growing up in the heart of Wisconsin. 

It took moving to Iowa to realize that a twelve-pack can be, and ought to be, shared. 

I learned that true alcoholism is a dependency issue. Which is why, I’ve never really questioned my own alcohol use. I never needed it. It was just always in ample supply. From the age of 17 onwards. If you grow up in Wisconsin, alcohol consumption is normalized in a way that seems foreign to many other locales. 

While I know that I, personally, am not addicted to alcohol… I suspect, most of the people around me in my home state are.

Something for me to think about. I have not missed all socialization being dependent upon the ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Yeah, I totally can hang… but, do I still want to?


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