Because God

Yesterday, my family of 6 spent 14 hours packed snuggly together in a 6 passenger sedan. And…. we made some of our best family memories yet! 

With my Woodsman and I making the difficult decision to start completely over last month, my shiny red minivan was one of the first casualties… to be fair though, my Woodsman’s 2015 Harley Softail Slim was the very first to go. (He took it like a man, BTW)

We had worked so hard for our stuff! But even at the apex of our joint pursuit of the American Dream, we weren’t joyful. It is true, for us anyway, that the stuff you own ends up owning you. 

My hubby and I, in deciding to start anew, started with making good on our voluntary vow of poverty. When baby number #4 came into our lives nearly four years ago, I had to leave my job.  We consciously devoted ourselves to living on one income so that we could make our family our number one priority. 

But, then the job here in Iowa came along, and even one income afforded us quite a bit of luxury. And…

My Woodsman lost his way. 

It started with the house… it fed into our human nature in a way we were unprepared to fight. 

Then came our church involvement, which highlighted my spiritual gifts in an unprecedented way…

And then the invitation to attend Seminary…

And I lost my way.

When my Woodsman and I started this family together 91/2 years ago, neither of us had anything. We lived in an apartment, we drove a finicky 16 year old Buick that only ran 10-20 minutes at a time…

And we were rapturously happy together.

Today, we, once again, have nothing save each other and these four amazing little kiddos. We are presently living on the first floor of our black mold afflicted house. We are driving a 16 year old Ford that, thankfully, is no longer finicky after some DIY auto repair on Friday…

And, once again, we are rapturously happy.

Anyway… back to our road trip…

Yesterday, we drove the 344 miles to check out the only place near my Woodsman’s new job that would rent to our large family and pets. 

It far surpassed our expectations.

Having to rent again has made us both very nervous… and, truth be told, we had already turned down this place after going over what appeared to us to be an incredibly oppressive rental agreement. 

This is where God stepped in.

After sending the email signaling our rejection of the rental agreement, we stood on our back porch as a family and prayed together for God’s guidance and assistance.

The “Amen” had barely left our lips when the phone rang. It was the landlord I had just emailed. 

What I never expected was that our rejection of the lease terms would be used by God to jumpstart an incredible relationship with these people we had already judged as being unreasonable. My Woodsman and I have now spent more time on the phone with them, via email,  and now visiting with them on site than we have with our closest friends as of late! 

God stepped in, and the miraculous began to unfold.

Yesterday, as we drove the 344 miles back to Iowa to prepare for Tuesday’s move to this little secluded place on a lake with its breathtaking acreage, I watched my little family engage each other and laugh together in sheer delight, in a way we haven’t been able to in far too long. 

I am in awe of the ways God has used our trials to change our hearts and our lives. 

We are back to being the kind of family we set out to be. Because God and in spite of our human weakness. 

Dear God,

Thank you. 



12 thoughts on “Because God

  1. So glad to hear that! I feel as you do about possessions. I say I want to live in one of those tiny houses. Unfortunately my hubby doesn’t agree. And yes, it’s so stressful being owned by stuff!

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    1. It’s funny (ironic) that, during our packing of our ‘stuff’, we discovered that, not only the basement had flooded, but our storage unit on skids had succumbed to recent flood waters as well… that made it so much easier to be rid of more of our stuff– finding it saturated in floodwater!

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      1. I wish that would happen here! We have so much stuff. I literally hate it. We are better than some people I know–like we don’t have toys really. We just have stuff that we’ve kept that we don’t need to keep. I’ve dwindled it down every year, but when you homeschool–it’s hard to get rid of books. I am finding that true anyway because I don’t want to spend money on more books. And I could use the library, but when you have kids in high school science and history, it’s a little tricky to use the library. Once I’m done homeschooling, these books will be gone though. I’ll give my resources to someone who doesn’t have any money. I have been giving away books every year as we pass another grade/year by and I feel blessed to be able to hand off curriculum to moms who can’t afford it. I think my husband wants me to sell it, but that’s a pain (then you have to have shipping supplies!). So he lets me donate it. My sister got divorced several years ago and moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment. I was rather envious. No clutter. no junk. Just clothes, some cooking stuff, a few pieces of furniture and she was good. Having a house that we own is time consuming and a money pit. I’d love to sell this house and move into a rental, but that would never happen. Of course, there are issues with renting too. At least if it’s a huge issue, you can move out unlike when you own a house–you have to sell it and pray you get your money back or something in return.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Victor!

      I’ve been a zealous follower of Christ since before I can even remember (I have to rely here on my parents’ accounts, lol!).

      As someone that has lived and breathed the gospel truth for the entirety of my youth, when I hit adulthood, I found that what I valued came into conflict with what the world tried to convince me had value. What I wanted to strive for was at odds with pursuing wealth, popularity and power. That is not to say that I was immune to temptation… and that fact is the reason for vowing to strive first for the Kingdom, and be content with whatever God provides. And, if we find we have more than we need, that access is meant for someone else, and our blessing is found in giving it away as God leads. To resist the temptation to accumulate material possessions and wealth over and above our daily bread, is a bondage that imprisons the souls of many exalting worldly ideologies. It quickly crosses over into idolatry as human nature is prone to put their hope in what is seen versus in God who cannot be seen with human eyes.

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