Non-sleeping beauty 

It’s 11:30pm here at the moment.

Ive been spying on my supposedly sleeping children… not a one of the four is asleep! What kind of witchcraft is this? Or is it some kind of superpower? Is there a way to wrest it away from the clutches of evil (keeping your mommy up with shrill giggles most certainly crosses the line into evil) and harness it for good? 


I let my Mastiff out and step outside with her only to have my breath stolen from me. The sky! It looks amazing! Not a cloud to be seen and no Moon in sight. 

So many stars! And they are all winking at me!!

Under this sparkling canopy of starlight, I hear coyotes yipping and howling in the distance. A Great horned owl makes their presence known in woeful hoots. 

I almost missed all of this!

I’m sure there is a lesson to be drawn here. But some moments speak more powerfully just as they are– without digging for reasons. As a beauty observed and surrendered to, and no more.

 (Or a beauty observed, surrendered to, and then blogged about, amiright?)

Ok. Back to bed. Morning is going to come soon for this Momma…and even sooner for those four sleepless wonders down the hall!


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  1. This post is so sweet and beautiful. I love it!
    Also, I responded to your comment. Not sure if you realize that WP no longer notifies my readers of my responses (because I’ve gone private – it’s a weird problem that I can’t seem to fix). But know that I did respond! 🙂

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