Back to My Roots

I love Winter.

No, really! I do!

There is something about the month of December that leads me into a deeper sense of awe at the human/Divine story. 

Christmas is cool and all (literally, where I stand just above the 45th parallel)… but it’s something more than the weather. It has to do with Light. The decline of the Sun’s rays, and then the reversal of that decline at the Winter Solstice. 

This is yet another area where I find myself departing from popular Evangelical ‘Christian’ sentiment: I adore the pagan vestiges of Christmas. 

We should all celebrate the return of the Light. 

In the darkest seasons of our soul’s life, there is great hope to be found in looking at the cyclical nature of Earth’s seasons. 

In the darkest moments of my own life, most of which occurred over the past several years, my hope was found in the knowledge that the Light of my Life was about to return. 

There is so much that I have yet to understand. So much that stands beyond my ability to grasp. And yet, the changing of the seasons reminds me that this too shall pass. 

I thank my God for Winter. 

I thank Him for Light.

I thank Him for every moment of darkness, because of the beauty of the dawn that is poised just beyond it. 

I thank God that He made me human. Because being human affords me the opportunity to wonder at all that is God.

Happy Holidays:)


8 thoughts on “Back to My Roots

  1. Word! The darkness is hard on me. But then the light returns, here where I live, usually with lots of snow. I forgive the darkness, and I am forgiven. The possibility of salvation. By the time of forgiveness Sunday I am ready for great lent and a less pagan relation to religion. Christmas is OK, after all.

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