Still Ungodly

This blog just hit an unexpected milestone — according to WordPress, 300 people have followed TheUngodlyWoman. I remember my shock and surprise when WordPress notified me of my 18th follower! I was psyched over that! 

Last March, when I was setting up this blog,  I chose an unlikely moniker for a Christian blogger. I still stand by that choice, even if I still get flack over it from time to time. 

You see, I do not strive to be godly. I believe in one God, in three persons, and I am not God nor am I one of the three persons of God. I’m me.

Furthermore, this concept of godliness, as I have encountered it over the years in various Protestant circles, is not something I desire for myself. To be honest, I don’t think our human concept of godliness mirrors God’s holiness in the least. 

There is a danger inherent in setting ourselves up to be like unto a god that has been shaped by human ideas of God. I contend that the Christian concept of God is one of a Living God. A God that moves among us through the actions of the Holy Spirit. A God that is near and transcendent. The Christian God is one that beckons us to return to Him, not so that we can be free to create ourselves in His image, but so that we are free to surrender to His creative, regenerative  power. It is God, and God alone, that can breathe life into the image of Himself we already bear in our humanity. If anything is required of us, it is to turn away from all the things that prevent us from full surrender. That’s hardly ‘godly’ in and of itself. 

I also take issue with crediting individuals for their own apparent godliness. If you hear me speak the truth, if you see me actively loving others, please don’t credit it to me. As a spiritual being, I am wholly dependent upon God. It is God that makes it possible for me to will and to work for His good pleasure. Stepping out of His way is not worthy of praise.

I am not infallible. Only God is. And as long as I remain human, I am fallible. This is ungodliness. But it is not evil! No, it is part and parcel of being a creature whose eternal being is contingent upon the grace and mercy of my Creator.

So, yeah. Still ungodly over here. But I’m cool with it. God offers me something much better than arriving at the pinnacle of human godliness. God gives me Himself. And that is a greater good than I could ever hope to accomplish on my own.


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  1. I have only been following you for a short time, and although you say it is not worthy of praise, I still want to thank you for what you have written here and elsewhere. From what I have read thus far, we do not see things exactly the same, and that is ok. What I do see, like me, is someone reaching to connect with God in an earnest and honest way, and I do not think I can ever find fault in that. In fact, I will applaud it even if it is to your dismay, sorry! Much like you said, I am not God, never will be, and because of that understanding I appreciate learning from and listening to others on how they see, understand and connect with God, and your manner of connecting resonates well with me and I find it enlightening and inspiring.

    Thank you.

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  2. Great post. Very important for us to remember. The way in which we view ourselves or others can sometimes hinder us from praying and having a meaningful relationship with God. This post was brilliant and reminds us that it’s not our righteousness but his. This post emphasizes on what grace is, not our righteousness but His.

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