Forgetting myself– it’s what happens when I open the door of my heart and allow myself to love someone fully, just as they are, in the here and now. 

Forgetting myself– is where real freedom lies.  All the pseudo-problems my active mind creates suddenly fall away when my intention is to meet the needs of another.

If only I could live permanently in that place of self amnesia. If only it came as naturally to me as breathing, instead of requiring a lifetime of spiritual warfare and mental discipline.

If only I was a more simple creature.


6 thoughts on “Forgetting

  1. I really like this, but I have a thought – Can you really help another, though, if you aren’t grounded in a sense of self? Not a sense of selfishness, but a sense of self? In order to identify with others, we must first have been present in ourselves. That is my thought; take it as you wish.
    Okay now, IT’S SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU! I missed you. And I’m glad you’re okay! 😊🤗

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    1. Ah, you have touched upon a hot topic, dear Lily. Debated by religious folk of all kinds for thousands of years– what is “self?”? Do we truly exist as separate entities, masters of our own domains? Or is that experience of “self” but an illusion from certain Buddhist perspectives. Mere weeds planted among the wheat, to speak of it in Gospel terms.

      I, personally, believe that I am here with a much more substantial mission than to just help others– I am allotted this human lifetime to learn how to Love them. And this Love, as Christ practiced it, involves painful personal sacrifice. The important mystical reality to point to here is that sacrificial love (the agape kind) for another ALWAYS leads us into a broader sense of our spiritual selves. Since I desire to remain more grounded in my spiritual self, or the eternal part of me that is making a perilous journey through this world, I am not denying my true self in my momentary forgetting — I’m living more fully into it. Does that make sense? I hope so:)


    1. Aw, thank you so much for sharing that with me. It deeply touches my heart:)

      I’ve been too busy slaying dragons to write lately. Thankfully that battle has subsided a bit for a time 😉

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