Should I Write?

This is the question I ask myself. Nearly, everyday.

Should I write?

Should I write here when I’m questioning everything?

Maybe, not everything.

I believe in God.

I believe in God more thoroughly than I believe in myself.

I believe in Religion.

Sometimes I think the religious idea of God makes more sense than anything else.

But which religious idea of God?

What if I said all of them?

That’s where I’m stuck. 

Is there such a thing as polyreligious?

I grew up within Christianity. But I’ve found other, equally cogent explanations for Deity. 

What does that make me? A heretic? Or, maybe… enlightened?

What if God is so BIG, no one religion has rights to God’s Deity?

That sounds much more like God to me than anything else:)


6 thoughts on “Should I Write?

  1. While God is indeed much bigger than any system or institution, and all religions contain truth and error, I believe Jesus is the key. If Jesus is God, most world religions are simply not tenable. If what Jesus said is true, there is only one way to God. I encourage you to examine other religions in the light of Christianity’s core claims about who Jesus is. They might seem compelling, but if they deny the unique nature of Jesus as defined in orthodox Christian theology, they will all ultimately lead you away from the Light.

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  2. “What does that make me? A heretic? Or, maybe… enlightened?”

    I think the formal answer from an Orthodox Christian view would unfortunately be that this line of thinking is heretical. However, as someone who strives to follow Christ, I can say that I have held (and currently do in some regard) some of the exact same thoughts and feelings you describe here.

    I do not have an answer for you, but I can say you are not alone and the search for this understanding is admirable and extremely important for one’s soul – and I don’t mean from a heaven or hell standpoint but rather from an inner peace perspective.

    But…. Yes, you should write!

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  3. In my recent religion class (Jesus in Scripture and Tradition), we did readings about religious pluralism and how other religions – even ones completely different from Christianity (i.e. Buddhism, etc) have equally valid ways of looking at God / the divine / Jesus and that it’s unfortunate for the Christians who aren’t willing to truly interact with these religions and draw from them, as they can draw on Christianity. I realize that’s still written in terms of religious “boxes” but it’s a step forward from the theologies that preach essentially “convert or damn to hell everyone who’s not Christian.” You’re not a heretic.

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    1. We had one writing by Gavin D’Acosta and some others, too… not sure if you’ve read him. Obviously I’m not the expert on this or anything religion wise and I’m sure you’ve studied it – I just found it interesting in the class I took!

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