On earth, as it is in heaven

I pray the Lord’s Prayer, every night, with my husband and kids.

And so, I guess it’s safe to say that our current situation, is within “God’s will” for us. 

I’m not sure I like God’s will.

God’s will appears to be that I suffer within the tension of what is and what could be.

God’s will appears to be that we are barely above the poverty line, while others clear it entirely. 

Or are under it, reaping the benefits of earning less-than. While we don’t even earn enough.

In the tension between.

It’s not like we don’t have enough– we barely break even, every month. Because of the Grace of God.

And that needs to be enough.

I don’t know what it’s like to have more than my daily bread. In this life, that’s all I’m allowed. For now.

Is it enough?

Doesn’t it have to be, when that’s all you have?

I imagine so.


3 thoughts on “On earth, as it is in heaven

    1. Thank you, Barbara. Writing this post was difficult for me, because I still feel this inordinate pressure to pretend to have it all together. But part of being a Christian is clinging to the truth, and the truth is that walking in faith is hard. There is a certain peace in speaking to that struggle. Blessings:)

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