Mine is Not a Blind Faith

It sucks that people currently enmeshed in a protest atheism assume that, if you are a person of faith, your faith must be blind. 

As if I wasn’t aware of all the ways this life is suffering.

As if I could close my eyes to the atrocities human beings commit against each other. And shut my ears against the din of screams coming from a world in anguish.

I’m very tempted to use vulgarity to express  the intensity of my personal reaction here… but, I won’t. I can’t. Not when some of the atrocities have been committed against me. Not when my own anguished screams contribute to the din.

And yet, I possess faith. 

Not a faith in a detached, benevolent, Grandfatherly-type God. But in a God that draws near, and suffers right alongside His Creation.

Because I have suffered, I am not one of those cast-out– but one drawn especially near.

Using big words while we quote (at least in our minds) big people, we lose sight of what matters: the individual soul, searching in earnest for their God.

If you’ve come up empty in your own search, I’m sorry. My advice would be try harder.

Just because my search for my God has been more fruitful than yours, does not mean that I am somehow more worthy. Maybe, He rewards our earnestness.

And, it that the case, you need not apologize or make excuses to me. I’m well acquainted with the human condition. But, perhaps, an apology to Him is in order.


5 thoughts on “Mine is Not a Blind Faith

  1. Once again great post. I think all too often people can get caught up in quoting famous atheists and theists to somehow prove the point that a God exists. Many have read the thinkers, but I concern myself with what an individual thinks for themselves and has discerned, for themselves, after some “soul searching”. Anyone can regurgitate what they have heard on podcasts, YouTube and the like, but if you tell me your real propspective (you can use other’s thoughts and conclusions in support), I respect you so much more even when I disagree. I think that is why I enjoy your blog so much, it isn’t the rehashed dogma that someone else already stated ad naseum but real, true thoughts spoken from the soul.

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