Where I weigh in on what’s happening in Charlottesville….

I can’t sit by and silently watch White Supremacists rally in America — as if Neo-Nazis have something worthwhile to say…

Neither will I stoop to their level and unleash my anger at what I hope remains a very tiny, fringe group of individuals. 

I’m white. So, I know from personal experience that being white does not make one superior. To anyone. Ever.

In fact, I am betting that the vast majority of Americans regard racial superiority a laughable concept.

And yet, vestiges of a very evil time in our Nation’s history remain. 

Neo-Nazis are not a group to fear. They are a group that deserves our pity. One must have a very low view of themselves to boast superiority by virtue of their skin tone. I mean, really… one doesn’t choose the shade of their skin. Or work diligently to earn their racial identity. What cogent argument is there to deem racial identity a worthy indicator of value?

This seems so simple a concept that I feel stupid having to articulate it. But I’m going to, because there exists those among us that continue to deny its truth. 

Worst of all, I need to address people that look like me here. That grew up in the same country as I did, and still can’t make peace with racial diversity. 

There must be something very wrong with y’all. Know that just because you too are white, you in no way shape or form represent the entirety of the white race. Whatever being a part of the white race really means… white Neo-Nazis do not get to define it. 

I have never felt shame over being born white. 

Until today. 

Let that sink in. 

White supremacism is something that makes me, a white person, ashamed of the color of my skin.

I didn’t choose to be white. But I’m choosing to allow the shame of being born white wash over me today. 

Because, if racial superiority was a thing, it wouldn’t belong to whites. History speaks to this reality. 


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  1. It’s pitifully sad especially reading the scripture that clearly state we are all of one blood. There is no superior race, in fact, there’s only one race, the human race. America has a lot of repenting to do. We all have a lot of repenting to do.

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