I am a 30-something female person, wife to my Woodsman, a mother to four kids ages 10 and under, a 2nd generation homeschooler, an avid gardener, a classical pianist, and a theology geek.

I am also a former Seminarian, a survivor of spiritual abuse, a lover of all things genuine to the human experience, and a formidable defender of personhood. These are the things I like to write about.

I am NOT an Evangelist. I do not write in order to convert anyone….I’m just a fellow traveler on the highway of life that is looking to heal from being hurt by the Christian Church. Again. 

I write about Truth as seen from my own perspective. Your mileage may vary;)


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  1. You don’t have to post this comment, all I’m asking is that you check out my blog. I have grown up a Catholic and needed to find answers. What the Bible teaches and what the Catholic Church teaches is different. Please try and read my blog and let me know if you disagree. If you are sincerely looking for answers and the truth about who God is, then please take a look.


    1. I spent some time perusing your blog today. Your experience sounds much like that of my parents. They both grew up in the Catholic Church, my mother even attending Catholic schools. I was baptized into the Catholic Church as an infant, but they (my parents) encountered a thirst for truth that went unanswered there, and so my childhood was a hodge-podge of various Protestant denominations, mostly fundamentalist and founded on the inerrancy of Scripture. It is because of their search for truth that I am so well versed in what the Bible actually says. My main issue is the difficulty in finding a place where people are authentically living out the Gospel of Jesus, or at the very least, aspiring to. I know what He said, and know who He is. That’s how I know that the churches I’ve encountered are grossly lacking in His Spirit.
      Because I know my Bible, I also realize the importance of the Ekklesia, the Church, the Body of Christ. I know I’m called to find my place in it, but how and where? That has yet to be revealed to me:)
      Many blessings on your journey into His peace:)

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  2. Thank you for taking time to read my blog, it is much appreciated. I have been trying to reach those who are willing to listen and want to know the truth. Please take a look at my post’s #36, 13, & 14. Please let me know if you agree with what I’ve written. It means our life to take in the accurate knowledge of who God is, and his Son Jesus Christ. John 17:3


    1. I left comments for you on your blog– in John 14:6, Jesus told us that HE is the Truth. I believe that the Truth is the Spirit of Christ. Truth is a person, and He desires to set us all free from delusions:)


  3. You have an incredibly powerful story and I am happy that everything you have been through has not destroyed your faith. A reshaping maybe but Christ shines through all the man-made interpretations and divisions. God bless you on your journey!

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  4. Thank you for sharing your faith. I’m not fond of the title “ungodly woman” maybe I don’t understand it. The unbelievers and perhaps some wayward “believers” have double-speaked the term Christian into a nasty word for many today.

    I am a follower of Jesus Christ of the New Testament. The same person foretold of in the Old Testament by numerous prophets. I believe He is the Truth and the Way to God because he died for us on the Cross. He left behind the Holy Spirit to give us comfort until His return.

    For me, it’s that simple. I read the Bible, His Word. I pray and He meets my needs. He answers prayers on His terms. I am a sinner and need His love and saving grace. I don’t think that means I am an “ungodly man.” When I stand for judgement, I know, because the bible tells me, my sins will be washed away clean, before the eyes of God.

    That’s the promise of John 3:16. I am but a lay person. When I read the bible on my own, I pray to receive the message God wants me to receive from what’s in His Word.

    My God is alive today and works miracles every day. It’s man that’s the problem. Jesus is the Way and the Truth.

    Thank you again for sharing your faith.


    1. What is in a label? Labels are what people give to others… And ungodly happens to be one of many labels given me by other Christians. I’m I ungodly? I feel pretty much the same about that question as St. Paul did in 1 Cor. 4:3.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts;)


  5. I’ve been reading through your posts and empathize. I call myself a follower of Jesus rather than a Christian because I subscribe to his words, handed to him by our Father. I don’t subscribe to religious rules or doctrine, or the way many pharissaical cliques condemn and exclude when Jesus did the opposite. He loved first, held out his hand in compassion first to those of us who are sinners. Only then did a thirst and desire grow to follow him.

    You are saying important things to people who need to hear them. Bless you for the courage to do so. ❤

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  6. Hi! Am fascinated by your blog, I must admit. I love how you tackle the hard questions in such a fascinating and honest manner. Looking forward to reading more!

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  7. Kristen – I was initially directed to your site by an ALERT from WordPress.com that you’d viewed my blog. After visiting “The Ungodly Woman” I was impressed by what I’ve come to believe is the gentle still small ‘voice’ of the Holy Spirit to write this.
    According to information I gleaned from your ABOUT Page, you could be a ‘clone’ of one of my three daughters, or their brother, all of whom are quite dear to my heart, yet each victims of too much RELIGION, but not enough Love. As pastors, my wife and I were involved in full time ministry during their most crucial years of influence – from birth to teen. We never realized that in our zeal for SERVICE to God, we failed to give them the same LOVE we lavished on others, all those years.
    As well as fulfilling our duties as pastors, we were also very active – more truthfully, consumed – with youth-group activities. We were directors of bible study in public schools, camp directors, youth outing chaperones, rally facilitators – I even managed a contemporary Christian music ministry for several years that presented live bands every Friday Night as a form of youth evangelism.
    Of course, we witnessed God moving in the hearts of thousands of kids, and as our children followed, we naively thought that they were also receiving from God. In reality, they were observing hypocrisy in us that only they were ever exposed to. I could elaborate, me being the chief violator, but suffice it to say – although my abuse was never criminal, it was so subtle that it took my personal retrospect years later to expose it to me.
    I see now, that I broke their hearts – being a father to everyone BUT my four biological children, I’ve been told that such is the plight of many ‘PK’s’ – but I never imagined – it would happen to MINE.
    So, in an effort to better understand how it strikes so tragically through subtlety, I embarked on a personal quest to separate RELIGION from proper RELATIONSHIP with God and humanity. Your prose has become a recent inspiration, for which I am thankful. May you be blessed in the knowledge that you’re not alone in your spirituality and theological awareness.

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  8. I believe that’s what blogging is essentially about – exchange of perspectives. But in the process, the real truth might be discovered and (hopefully) followed.

    Nothing is truth if it’s contrary to God’s word.

    The Church might not be perfect, but Jesus her Head is. Good enough He is the Truth…

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    1. Yes, He is:)

      I think too often we overlook all the preconceived notions and internal biases (that are a normal part of the human condition) we bring with us into our study of the Bible. So while I agree that the Bible points us to the Truth in Christ, there is this inherent tendency to interpret what it says, to those of us in the here and now, in self-seeking ways. There are hundreds of Christian denominations insuring that their reading of that book is the only true and right one. They can’t all be right… especially when they espouse such divergent perspectives.

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      1. We will often miss it if we rely only​ our flesh to interpret the scriptures. As the Bible itself says, no scripture is of a private interpretation.
        With the help of the Holy Spirit, our natural human notions and biases can be overcome. None of us is perfect yet, we are all learning…

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      2. Absolutely– I agree. It is 100% necessary to seek and heed to guidance of the Holy Spirit here. Only, the personal experience of the Holy Spirit is, by nature, subjective. And so I find myself in this place of needing to humbly accept ambiguity as the Kingdom cannot be taken by force:)

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