Should I Write?

This is the question I ask myself. Nearly, everyday. Should I write? Should I write here when I’m questioning everything? Maybe, not everything. I believe in God. I believe in God more thoroughly than I believe in myself. I believe in Religion. Sometimes I think the religious idea of God makes more sense than anything […]


Forgetting myself– it’s what happens when I open the door of my heart and allow myself to love someone fully, just as they are, in the here and now.  Forgetting myself– is where real freedom lies.  All the pseudo-problems my active mind creates suddenly fall away when my intention is to meet the needs of another. […]

Thy Will Be Done

Driven.  That word, above all others, best described me in my life before personal loss and grief. I was always full of ideas, always trying new things. Always looking for something more. And it’s not that I am no longer full of ideas or am now unwilling to try new things, it’s that I am […]

Weep with those that weep

On December 26th, a dear friend of mine passed away.  She gave me fair warning that, after a 5 year battle with cancer, her life was quickly coming to an end. And I prepared for her departure, but her passing still left me in a state of pain.  The last time I was able to […]

It’s time 

Healing from life’s hurts takes time. And I hate that about life lived here. I want healing now. Not later on down the road, but right here, right now, exactly where I’m at. The past few months have been very tough on me. You see, healing is toil  before it is reward. I know this, […]

Still Ungodly

This blog just hit an unexpected milestone — according to WordPress, 300 people have followed TheUngodlyWoman. I remember my shock and surprise when WordPress notified me of my 18th follower! I was psyched over that!  Last March, when I was setting up this blog,  I chose an unlikely moniker for a Christian blogger. I still […]


In my opinion, one of the most transgressive bumper stickers I’ve ever encountered is one that read “if you aren’t outraged, then you aren’t paying attention.”  Nothing smacks more of a deep-seated egocentrism than the expectation that everyone should react to current events in the same way as you do. Besides, has outrage, in and […]