Acculturated Christians Anonymous 

Hi, my name is Kristen, and I’m a recovering Social Justice Warrior. It has been nearly two years since my last self-righteous attempt to shame people that see the world differently than I do. It’s been a hard road;) I’m not quite sure how it all started. Maybe it was the charismatic Sociology professors I […]

Raging at Heretics, and God’s JustMercifulness

This morning I’m reading Luke chapter 4. Specifically, the passage detailing the rejection of Jesus in His home synagogue in Nazareth.  It’s an interesting passage, Luke 4:14-30. Because it reveals the inherent fickleness of human praise. Even praise of the Son of God among His own people. But it also can teach us that instances of […]

An Unruly Child of God

Yup. That’s me.  Sometimes I forget how stubborn and ornery I can get with God.  You see, I believe in a Good and Just God. But I see an evil, unjust world and it pisses me off. To no end! Then my prayer becomes tainted with inexplicable anger and lament, and if I do not […]

God help us all

We’ve forgotten who we are.  We’ve forgotten our common heritage,  and we’ve lost sight of the fact that we hold  a common future– the grave. We fight to be seen as right, and feel completely  justified in our feelings of rightness. As if this is the ultimate accomplishment of an Eternal goal.  But as long […]